Jul 17th 2008 04:12 pm Sign Repair Facts, why can’t I get a free estimate?


There are many things that can affect a signs performance. These are some of the most common.

All signs need power.

A fluorescent tube sign has 4 main items.

The first is the lamps. These do burn out after a period of time. Wind stress, vandalism and other factors can cause breakage.

The second is the wiring. All of the wiring needs to be checked to make sure that the connections are intact.

The third is the socket connections. Water and other environmental factors can cause these to corrode or burn.

The fourth is the ballast. This is the power supply for the unit and does not last forever.

A neon sign has three main items.

The first is the glass. Neon tubes last longer than fluorescent but do burn out or break.

The second is the wire. Neon uses a high voltage cable called gto. It can burn and short a sign out.

The third is the transformer. This is the power supply for the unit.

Unfortunately any one of these problems produces the same result. A sign not lit. All of these items need to be checked in the troubleshooting process. This is the reason very few people give free estimates.  75% of fixing a problem is knowing the problem.

Most of these problems are the same for all types of lighting.

I hope this helps.

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