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Feb 4th 2014 WHAT WE DO




The first advertisement for your business was your sign. It will probably be the last also. Keep it lit. Signage for your business and your customers is your first and foremost means of advertising your location.

We can repair and maintain all types of lighting. Neon, fluorescent, incandescent, metal halite, sodium vapor, LED, and the ever present etc.

You can get a customers ATTENTION with the right accent lighting. We specialize in neon to show off your building or windows.


Another aspect of what we do for you is security. Customers want to feel comfortable and safe. In today’s world we have to be aware of what I call the three little words. Li-a-bility. Good security starts with all of your parking lot and wall lights being in proper working order.

We specialize in signs, pole lights and neon but we can also maintain the interior lights. Another thing that we can do is an energy analysis and recommend changes to increase your energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is not just tree hugging and feeling good  it is money.  Additionally we can build new signs to maximize your presentation to your customers.

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